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Create Workout Plans

Create Workout Plans in minutes with our powerful Workout Plan Builder - we have +800 exercises in our system, and we are continuously adding more!

Create Meal Plans

Create Meal Plans with our database of more than 10.000 food items - and counting...

Free Mobile App for Your Clients

Your clients automatically get access to the Zenfit app (available for both iOS & Android), where they can see their Workout- and Meal plans, as well as track their body- & workout progress.

Create Workout and Meal Templates

Create your plans once, and use on all of your clients. It has never been easier and more time-efficient to create plans for your clients.

Keep Track of Your Clients Body Progress

Clients can track their body progress from within the Zenfit app, so you always know if they are going in the right direction.

Control Your Business From Your Phone & Laptop

We know that trainers are always on the go. That is why we built Zenfit from the ground up, with emphasis on trainers being able to control their business from their phone.

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