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Zenfit lets you create workout plans and keep track of your clients.

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Control your business and clients from your smart phone

You can save tons of time

We know trainers are always busy and on the go. With Zenfit you can keep track of clients and create workout plans in no time.

Get more engaged clients

Everything you create will be visible for clients in the Zenfit App. Clients can even input own body progress and before/after pictures from the app. Great for motivating regular and online clients!

Educate and motivate your clients

Teach you clients how to perform exercises even when you're not with them in the gym. We have video explanations to all of our +700 exercises.

Also, it's super easy to motivate your clients by showing them their progress in numbers and pictures in the Zenfit App.

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Why use Zenfit?

We make personal trainers and their clients happy

Handle more clients in less time

It's easy to handle more online and offline clients with Zenfit. You have all your clients stored online and safely with us. No more messy documents with client info, progress, pictures etc.!

Make more money

By decreasing administration time on each client, we help you boost your business! Taking in more clients will not cause stress with Zenfit.

Create powerful workout plans

No more YouTube to explain clients how to perform exercises. We have a huge exercise database with video explanation, so your clients easily know which exercise to perform when they're working out alone.

Upload your own exercises with videos

Especially useful if you have some awesome exercises that we don't have in our exercise database or if just want to brand your own person through Zenfit, then create your own exercises with videos of your self.

Track client body progress

Keep track of your clients weight, body fat percentage and circumference measurements. We have made it super easy to review progress! Clients can input measurement themselves directly from the Zenfit App, so you easily can review.

Compare before and after pictures

We store your clients before and after pictures easily and safely! No more filling up your phones storage with client pictures, now you and your clients can upload pictures directly from the Zenfit App.

Best personal trainer tool I have ever seen... You guys are awesome!

Helle Trevino IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Personal trainer & dietitan
Venice, CA

Zenfit saves me tons of time on administrating my clients and patients each day. I will recommend every trainer who takes his own time serious to use Zenfit.

Evie Louise Madsen IFBB Pro Womens Physique Champ
Personal trainer & Physical therapist
Copenhagen, DK

Zenfit has taken my fitness business and my personal life to a whole other level. Now I can spend my time on marketing and growing my business rather than creating tons of workout programs. I can now enjoy my weekends knowing that the Zenfit app has things under control!

Tomas Rivera B.S Kinesiology, CPT
Corporate personal trainer
Los Angeles, CA

Grow your business, start today!

Zenfit is a tool to empower personal trainers. We simplify your daily life while making you appear even more professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The first 30 days are totally free. After 30 days you can choose our monthly or yearly plan. With the yearly plan you save 30% compared to the monthly plan.
We have both a desktop version for trainers and two mobile apps - One for clients and one for trainers!

With the desktop version you can create workout plans, safely store personal info about your clients and keep track of their stats. From the trainer mobile app you can view all your clients, view their workout plans (but not edit) and you can view and add body stats and before/after pictures!

Clients can view their workout plans and view and add their body stats and before/after pictures.
Yes, you also get an App. Find it on App Store and Google Play under Zenfit - for trainers. From here you can see all your clients, see their workout plans and their body progress. In our first version you can upload before / after pictures, input body weight, fat % and body circumference measurements. Later you will also be able to edit existing workout plans from the App.
No, Zenfit is free to use for your clients.
Zenfit is created by personal trainers for personal trainers. This mean we have kept everything super simple and user friendly to fit the way trainers work. You will learn to use us pretty easy, so you don't need to have skype introductions with sales persons etc. We probably fit 95% of the way you run your business - the last 5% should just be managed as you do it today (probably by e-mail). We will keep adding new great features, so try us out today, and help us become even better!
You can create powerful online workout plans in minutes with Zenfit. We have +500 exercises with video explanations for you to drag to your workout plan. You can create workout plans from scratch, create templates or choose one of our Zenfit templates, to easily get your clients on the right track. Workout plan will instantly be available for the client from the App: Zenfit - for client.
After you create a client, you can upload his before / after pictures, input his body weight, fat-% and circumferences. We recommend that you ask your clients to send you their measurements + pics every wednesday morning or ask them to input directly from the Zenfit app.

This way you save many hours of work on each client each month, making you able to have many more clients (especially ideal for online clients). Another benefit is that clients seems more motivated when they have to do something themselves each week to track their own progress.
With Zenfit it is so easy to administrate your clients that you can handle many more clients! And we promise you, we only keep getting better. Just try us out for free, and give us feedback, if something is missing.

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