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  • Keep track of all your clients
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Control more clients with Zenfit

With your Zenfit Admin tool you can control more clients than ever before!

We make it easy for you to input each clients basic informations, create workout plans and keep track of their body progress.

Never forget important client info

Store important client information safely with Zenfit! We make sure you always now your clients diseases, injuries, goals, previous workout experience and much more...

Create workout plans in no time...

With our modern workout plan builder, we bring your business to the next level.

Create multiple workout days, easily make super sets and drop sets, and choose in between our +700 exercises with video explanation with a click from a mouse.

It's has never been faster to create quality workout plans!

Keep track of client body progress

You can keep track of clients body progress by uploading before/after pictures, input body weight, fat percentage and circumference measurements.

You can input body stats from laptop, tablet or from the Zenfit trainer app. Do you want your clients to do it them selves? No problem, your clients can input their own measurements and pictures from the Zenfit Client app! This is the perfect solution to keep online clients or regular clients engaged with their progress once week

Upload your own exercise videos

If you have special exercises that we don't provide in our +700 exercise video database, you can just create your own exercises and upload a video of your performing that exercise.

If you want to brand your self even more, you can replace all our videos with your own videos so your clients are buying a personally branded workout plan with your way or performing and speaking over the exercises. A great selling point for higher prices for online clients!

Create workout plan templates

Why create workout plans from scratch each time? With our template builder, you can create templates to reuse on new specific clients to save you tons of time.

We have also created some great templates for you and your clients so the only thing you need is to modify to each clients needs.

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