Hi guys!

I’m Lasse, CEO of Zenfit.

Before building Zenfit, I was a personal trainer and online coach (IG: @thorfitnesss) with more than 500 client transformations.

I often worked from 7am and finished around 7pm with 1-1 clients, and honestly, I loved it! Helping people, making good money, and being my own boss was awesome!

However, in the end, it was also draining. Draining to be smiling and having to perform all day long, and then get home late in the evening to create content for SoMe and answer emails, create plans and what not.

I was so burnt out that something had to change.  In the end I actually turned down clients that paid me more than $2000/month (each). This is actually something I hear often from the coaches we help reach 6 figure incomes – they’re burned out after too many hours in the gym.

This is why I decided to share these simple points I usually make to explain the coaches we help, that it is possible to reach that magic $10k / month mark, and even more…


1. Set realistic goals by calculating backwards

It sounds unrealistic to most coaches, wanting to make $10k every month. However, by calculating backwards you’ll figure out that in most cases this is not unrealistic at all.

In my case I charged $155/month for online coaching and wanted to reach $10k.

10,000 divided by 155 equals 64,5 – that means I had to get 65 clients each month to create a $10k per month business. Suddenly $10k doesn’t sound so farfetched, right?

Even with my 4,000 followers on social media, 65 online clients is achievable. Especially if you remember, you don’t have to spend 12 hours every day in the gym. You will actually have time and energy to create great content and focus on more sales.


2. Focus on subscriptions

Selling a customized workout plan is easy money, but if you want a scalable business, one-time payments are simple not the way to go.


Why only earn $40 on a client, when this person might be willing to pay you $99 per month for 6 months or more, and get even better results by having you as their online coach?

Also, by focusing on subscriptions, you can actually bring down the 65 clients / month further, making it even more achievable to reach the $10k goal. 

If you make clients commit to 3 or 6 months subscription, you will create a stable, predictable, high-earning subscription business. It might sound obvious, but many trainers don’t really think about the fact, that by having their client commit to a longer period of time, they extend the period clients stay as paying customers. 

For example…

You only need to get 22 new clients each month to reach $10k / month income if they all commit to a 3 months subscription.

And, even better…. if you have 22 online clients committing for 6 months, then you suddenly doubled your revenue without having to struggle to get in more monthly clients. Get my point?

Check out my simple illustration below:

The illustration explains how much you would earn when you acquire 22 clients i) without commitment, ii) on 3 month commitment or iii) on 6 month commitment.

As you see by offering 6 month commitments (which is very realistic) it will make you go from a $10k per month business to a $20k per month business.


3. Transition into online coaching slowly

Many great personal trainers are afraid of letting their 1-on-1 clients go simply because it’s good, easy money. And because personal training requires less administration.

However, in the long run, you risk spending too much time in the gym at a fixed hourly rate, compared to the no-cap hourly rate from online coaching.

From working with some of the best fitness influencers, we’ve seen that the time they free up by moving more into online coaching, enables them to grow their social media presence drastically – some of them tripled their following (+150k followers) while reaching 6 figures purely from working online!

Not to say you should necessarily stop all your PT clients from day one.

What I often recommend to coaches is a slow transition. Initially you should stop taking in clients in the afternoon, in order to free up time every day to create social media content.

I know it sounds easy to make this transition, but for some coaches it’s a huge deal – totally out of their comfort zone.

But believe me, if you are tired of long hours in the gym, just cutting 50% of your time in the gym, will feel like the best decision in your life.

Last month I received a text from one of our coaches where he thanked me for supporting him while stepping down clients in the afternoons – he just felt such a huge relief – now he was home before his girlfriend every day, he was able to cook dinner for her and he got back the mental energy to create more content.


4. Use software to administrate your clients

I don’t write this post just to promote Zenfit, but I can’t stress enough that in order to create a 6 figure business with 100’s of satisfied clients you need to use software. You want to spend your time adding value to your clients, not wasting it on repeating endless admin tasks.

There are plenty of alternatives out there, and Zenfit’s premium setup is of course not for everybody, but it is important you choose a provider that has all the necessary features so you don’t have to use several tools – so pricing should not be the most important factor when choosing software.

By using an intelligent all-in-one software you can keep track of all your clients, so you never lose clients who are losing their motivation.

Unless you are a spreadsheet professional and keep tight administration in folders on your laptop, you already know how little overview you have from creating plans in Excel, and communicating through email.


If you have more than 20 clients without using software, I bet you can’t even remember all your clients’ names. If you use software, you will be able to see those names daily, and you’ll be able to build an online relationship to these clients.

It’s not unheard of to be able to handle 100’s of clients, and still keep that individualized approach to every single client when using Zenfit – this is btw the way to go if you want happy clients and create word of mouth, as no one wants to feel like a number.

In Zenfit we go all the way, taking care of all aspects of your trainer business by providing you with a beautiful website that converts your followers into customers, we take care of your recurring payments, you can create workouts in minutes (even from your phone) and meal planning with delicious recipes are being tailored by the software with two clicks. Your clients will stay motivated when using the Zenfit app where they are able to track progress, chat with you, watch your video content and much much more. (Soon you can also get your own app in app store, eg. “Thor Fitness app”).

This is our way for you to save as much administration time as possible in order to free up more time to coach many more clients and grow your social presence.