I know scaling your coaching business with more online clients is probably the subject you are the most interested in for 2020. 

I wrote this post while working from a coffee shop in Rio de Janeiro, and this is just one of the benefits of have an online business.. By working online you will get the freedom to work from anywhere, and not being stuck to a fixed salary per hour!

Let’s get to it!

My best 5 tips in order for you to start converting more online clients for 2020! 🌎📱🏋️These five tips are really useful for both trainers struggling to get in more online clients, but especially also if you are just like me and are slowly killing yourself in the gym with an over-flood of PT clients 🤯

  1. Stop treating your webSITE like a webSHOP
    If you already have your own trainer website, then you’re potentially missing out ALOT of potential leads by treating your website as a webshop. 

    Your goal with a website should be to come with a bodacious claim in the header title and then back it up through the site. It is NOT IDEAL to showcase all your packages, have loooong texts and a lot of information hidden subpages. 

    On the other hand it’s a good to have simple information about you, lots of client transformations, a short video where explain about yourself and how you can help people, and MOST IMPORTANTLY a having a contact form or a questionnaire for clients to answer is critical to drive in those leads.

    You should see your website as an online business card for people to get excited and to contact you. Nothing more.

    If you have a lot of subpages, have a lot of text heavy pages, and showing a lot of different prices on different programs, you are basically letting the success of your business in the hands of your website visitors. Suddenly your visitors need to be the expert, and choose which program to choose!

    Your visitors are NOT the experts, you are the expert. You need to tell the clients what they have to choose.

    So by removing your pricing, have one simple page wit one message and have a visible contact form you will drastically increase the chance of people contacting you.

    Remember this: The #1 reason for you to have a website is to get leads! 

    If you think people will just visit your website, and click that “BUY” button,  then you are wrong. Most websites are struggling to get people to buy, however, to make people contact you for a personal call is much MUCH easier!

    If you don’t already have a website, or your current one sucks, then you are welcome to reply to this email to learn how we develop high-converting website for ambitious trainers.

  2. Call up every single lead
    This brings me to my tip number two! When people contact you, don’t fall in the trap of just sending leads an email where you explain them prices and how to get started.

    Instead, CALL UP EVERY LEAD…

    Preferably same day, or else within two business days!

    By calling people same they you will drastically increase conversion rates, because 1) people don’t expect you to call them, so they really think this is awesome and personal service, 2) you can ask them questions and be the expert letting them know which package to purchase. 3) if they have objections, you can convince them over the phone, 4) you can give a unique one-time offer over the phone with a tight expiration date.

    So these simple tricks will actually enable you to get leads to pay you while you still have them on the phone.

    With Zenfit we have used the same technique with all our leads, and believe me – IT WORKS!

    The most beautiful part is, that sometime I get a lead on the phone, where I can just hear this is a person that has the drive and budget to kick ass – so instead of that person probably would have subscribed to our standard $150 package, I give this person a unique offer fitting their need perfectly. 

    As early as last week, I did a $13.150 sale just like that to one person that paid everything upfront. He felt he got a great deal (he saved $2,788 by saying yes to this deal) and we as a company is super happy because we got a good chuck of capital to use for more growth.

    Just like your business, then Zenfit is bootstrapped (no outside capital from investors) meaning every dollar count, so the sooner we can get money from our clients, the better. This is crucial for us in order to keep scaling fast without needing an investment. 

    So the faster you can get the full amount from your clients, the better!

  3. Give your clients a reason to choose online coaching, instead of in-person training
    Way too many trainers have some very cheap PT session prices. You need to have a pricing strategy! 

    Try write down your pricing on a piece of paper. If your PT plan with 2 or 4 workouts is almost the same price as online coaching, then you are on a dangerous path.

    If you recall the value ladder from my 10x Trainer Secrets, then value and pricing goes hand in hand.

    The more value, the higher the price you can charge!
    So if you online coaching programs is almost the same price as a package with PT sessions included, then no wonder clients rather want to choose PT session compared to your online coaching.

    My recommendations:
    – Online coaching pricing: In the States we see that $100 to $150 / month for online coaching + an upfront fee works great. As mentioned earlier always try to sell a full package upfront. 

    So, if a clients needs to lose 20 lbs, then be the expert and explain that by losing 20 lbs they need to expect to lose 1 lbs, max 2 lbs a week. This way you can justify why they need to commit 20 weeks (5 months) of work with you and that that they have to pay upfront.

    By doing so, you can give them a better deal, and BOOM – you just improved your cashflow, so you can afford more money on paid advertising.

    When I was a coach, I remember one time I got a girl on the phone, she really wanted to lose weight after her pregnancy. After talking to her, I found out both her AND her husband, had bad eating habit and a busy schedule, so instead of just selling her a $150 / month online coaching. Program with no commitment, I actually ended up selling her and her husband a 6 month online coaching program for $1,340.

    They felt they got a great deal: They saved $450 by being together, and I was happy, because I basically had to do the meal plans for both persons, making this a great deal for me.

    – PT session pricing: This one is more tricky, and it depends on your location. But first thing, in my honest opinion you should never sell 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 PT sessions. I know it feels great to make a 50 session sale, but 1) for most people it is too abstract to commit to sessions, compared to months. 2) people are busy and lazy, so if they don’t feel like working out, they might save their sessions for many month, making it a pain in the a** make them lose weight and to get them to pay for a new package = bad business!

    Instead, try to sell subscriptions…

    Examples. Biweekly sessions, 1 session a week, 2 session a week or 3 sessions a week. 

    This way you commit people to workout with you on a regular basis, making results much more likely, and people will easier be able to compare pricing for Online coaching to PT coaching.

    Comparison of my Online coaching pricing to my PT coaching pricing:
    My online coaching pricing was typically $150 per month + $250 upfront fee with minimum 3 months.

    My PT coaching always include meal plans and weekly check-ins just like Online coaching. I charged $300 per month for biweekly sessions, $430 per month for a weekly session, $810 for two workouts per week and $1,120 for three workouts per week (12 session per month) + a $250 upfront fee to get started, no minimum month.

    As you hopefully see here, I was charging twice as much per month for my PT services compared to online coaching which made it so much more attractive to a lot of clients to chose online coaching 💵🚀

    Also, I always remember to state on the phone, that most of my transformation pictures on my social media profiles was from online clients. Alternatively I simply just said I didn’t have any more spots available for PT clients, and that I only took in online clients.

    My pricing and tactics of cause improved as I grew my business, but in general, the less hungry you seem to close clients and don’t accept their bargaining, the more serious they take you and the more clients you will close long term.

    I most definitely recommend you to try write down ideas to your new pricing on a piece of paper now reflecting your experience as a coach, social media authority, and local factors. Don’t put it on your website, just have it on that paper slip to remember when talking to potential customers.

  4. Do more content on social media
    If you really want to bump up your authority as a health expert you should start doing interesting content where you educate your followers.
    If done right, this will not only increase your following, it will also make it SO MUCH EASIER for you to get leads, increase your pricing, get online clients, and charge people for the full amount upfront.

    Most trainers HATE doing content, they feel like bloggers, but explained earlier, people love absorbing content from social media and if you don’t do content on a daily basis you will lack behind those trainers that love doing funny, interesting content.

    If you just want to stay a part-time coach with 15-20 clients in your local gym – then fine, don’t listen to me. But if you have ambitions of +50 or even +100 clients, social media content is the best (and cheapest way) to gain new customers.

    Content that works great: Transformation pictures, daily stories on FB or Instagram, video content in your feed where you talk about interesting subjects relevant to your segment and free guides, free video workouts in your feed. 

  5. Scale your business with the right software
    If you only have 5-10 clients, you can easily handle them all with spreadsheets and emails. 

    However, if your business is growing you pretty quickly realize that you waste so much time on creating meal plans, reviewing check-ins on email, communicate on phone, email, messenger, instagram making it impossible to remember to answer all clients 😤 

    Instead I strongly recommend you use some software to streamline your business. 

    With my software, zenfitapp.com, we have the last 5 years constantly improving our software with feedback from 1,000s of trainers to create the most simple all-in-one solution software. 

    With our software you can create custom meal plans within minutes with our +500 recipes. We have skipped all the useless and confusing features many other software providers are doing, and instead we will help you build a business that is so streamlined you can easily handle 150, even 200 clients without having to hire any assistants. 

    If you’d like to try us out for free, then go ahead and check out zenfitapp.com today!

If you have any questions, you can always just ask me questions by writing Lasse (a) zenfitapp.com 🙂