Scale your business

We help coaches build better businesses.

Handling 100 clients as a coach was a big accomplishment just a few years back. Now we help trainers scale even higher

Our intelligent all-in-one platform & team of experts are here to make your coaching business a success.

Scale your business

Become the CEO of your own Coaching Business.

In 2021 most coaches can get 10-20 online clients and some PT clients. 

They promote a little on social media, and do some paid marketing to their DIY website.

It’s not that difficult you’d might say.

But what does it actually take to go from part-time side-hustle, to building a successful business $100,000 or even +$1,000,000 / year business?

That’s exactly what we do. We help fitness coaches through our intelligent software + our experts help you with strategies, planning and paid marketing, so you can focus on being the CEO of a successful brand.

Meal planner

Generate mealplans in less than one minute.

With over 1,000 recipes and the ability for clients to track macros, results are almost guaranteed. Instead of using time calculating macros and finding recipes, easily offer your clients a selection of meals.

Client app

Give your clients a professional and beautiful customer experience.

Your meal plans, workouts and messages are automatically synced with your clients’ beautiful app. Your client’s will get recipes for every meal, a beautiful progress overview, a chat function where you can send messages, videos and voice replies – All that and much more!

360° Overview

Manage all your task seamlessly.

With our easy overview, you can easily follow up on pending tasks and stay informed on all of your clients.


Ongoing clients, ongoing payments.

Never worry about collecting payments from your clients. 
We got you covered. Even if clients don’t pay we’ll help with debt collection.

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