Online coaching is hard.

Much harder than succeeding as a regular personal trainer in the gym.

This is also why I see more online coaches quitting than personal trainers and hybrid coaches!

Throughout the years – after working with 100s of online trainers – I have found that there are basically three different ways to hit $10.000 / month as an online coach:


– The first way to reach $10,000/month is hard.  The second solution is also pretty hard. The third solution is definitely doable (And my personal favorite)



Three Models To Hit $10.000

First of all, let’s establish some ground-rules for growing an online coaching business. 

For clients, online coaching is considerably cheaper than 1-to-1 personal training with you. Thus you need WAY MORE clients in order to have a repeatable, scalable business.

And getting these clients is not the same way you would get 1-to-1 clients. Most personal training clients are ones you stumble upon in your gym, or referrals of previous clients.

Getting online clients is different. Obviously, some come from referrals. But with online coaching you need a much more scalable and repeatable approach for getting in these clients. 

Most importantly you need an online presence. This could be your Instagram account or a Facebook page.

And if you are really serious about getting a lot of online clients: you need to run paid marketing.

This is what we see with the most successful online coaches. And when they succeed with paid marketing, they can grow REALLY, REALLY fast.

This is the fundamental idea behind the next three models I want to talk about: bumping up your cash flow in your online coaching business to afford paid marketing.

And then scale your business.


Let’s get to it.


The First Way: Month-To-Month Online Coaching [THE HARDEST]



Some trainers want to start straight out as online coaches offering just month-to-month coaching.

My advice to you: don’t (unless you already have a huge social following or afford minimum $500-700 / month on paid ads).

Since you only earn between $100 – $200 / month per online client, you need a lot of online clients in order to have a stable income.

This will NOT allow you to generate enough income to run paid marketing campaigns.

So unless you already have a lot of followers or clients, this is not the recommended way to start out.

You will need to get to at least 30 month-to-month online clients before you can even remotely start investing in paid marketing.


The Second Way: Charge Everything Upfront [STILL HARD, BUT BETTER]


Another way to grow an online coaching business, is to charge the whole duration of the online coaching upfront.

So instead of charging $150 per month for 3 months, you would charge the whole $450 payment upfront.

This will significantly improve your cash flow, and given that you get to close enough clients during a month, allow you to invest the profits in paid marketing.

Another benefit of this approach is that the quality of clients you get onboard will be much better. They will be much more committed and you will not have to worry about them churning after the first month.

This is the approach that I advice trainers to follow, if they are not interested in following personal favorite way of growing an online business…

The Third Way: Being A Hybrid Coach [MY PERSONAL FAVORITE]


This was the approach I used to get to +80 online clients working just part-time.

And this is the approach we at Zenfit see working the best for trainers. 

The idea is that you keep working as a personal trainer in the gym, or keep doing your bootcamps, WHILE you grow your online coaching business.

And the profits you make from your personal training clients, you fuel into growing your online coaching business. 

The thing is that being a 1-to-1 personal trainer can actually be a very high paid job. 

I was charging roughly $200/hour working out with my PT clients.

And I had roughly 10 of these clients I was working out with regularly. 

I was making a lot of money of these clients, and I was just rigorous about investing all the profits in a paid marketing agency and paid marketing spend.


That resulted in me hitting +80 online clients within a couple of months.

And I am not alone. 

Many of the trainers at Zenfit have experienced similar results.

Take Mathias Winther for instance, he earned $14.600 within 5 weeks from this approach. I covered this in a full blog post available here.

Mathias wanted to go into online coaching, but with only 63 followers on Instagram, I advised him to start out as a hybrid coach to get some cash flow first.

So he created a bootcamp with max 10 people on each shift.

He charged $500 upfront for this 3 month bootcamp.


Within 5 weeks he had closed 3 full classes, resulting in him making $14.600!

Now he had the cash flow to put into paid marketing, and within a couple of weeks he had +20 online clients and multiple bootcamps to attend to.

So… What can we learn from this?

You should NOT go down the online coaching route before it is no longer worth your time to work with PT clients and / or bootcamp clients.You need the money from these clients to provide the foundation to transition into online coaching – through paid marketing.

But if you already have loads of clients in-person, online coaching is the ONLY way to really scale your business to the next level.

So if it is physically impossible for you to fit in another 1-to-1 client in your schedule, feel free to schedule a free growth call with us, and we have a chat about helping you take your business to the next level.


Want to learn how to how to calculate your projected earnings?

I created a pretty cool calculator a while back. From here you can see how long it will take you to earn your dream income with 1) your current pricing, and 2) based on your commitment periods.

From using the calculator  you can see the importance of having long commitment periods (or charge clients full amount upfront).

A simple hack for most trainers is to go from 1 month commitment period to 3 months. This way you will generate at least 3x earnings on every client, making your business much more stable, instead of just crossing you fingers, hoping clients don’t unsubscribe before next month’s payment.

When I was a coach I loved to try upselling clients. So either I 1) Sold everybody 3 month commitment packages and then tried to upsell them 3 months more (this would double my earnings, going from $600 / client to $1,200 per client) or else I tried during my salescall to make them commit to a 6 month prepaid coaching program. Then I suddenly had $1,200 straight away that I could reinvest in my business (especially to boost my paid ads budget even more).


Hope you enjoyed this post,