When we first got to know Alexander Breck, he had about 60.000 followers on Instagram and was doing a bit of online coaching on the side. Alex saw potential in his large following and tremendous engagement on his Instagram, so he reached out wanting Zenfit to help him take his online coaching to the next level. One month after he joined Zenfit, he had got 23 online clients, made $2700 in sales and grown his Instagram to north of 125.000 followers – all this while studying for his finals at University of Ohio! As of this day, he has broken the 200k followers mark, and coaching business is thriving. He recently launched his “Spring Leaning eBook”, selling more than 500 copies in a matter of days and earning more than $5000!


The Challenge

Before Zenfit, Alexander Breck was managing his online clients in folders on his laptop, and was keeping track of their progress in spreadsheets being sent back and forth on email. It was impossible for Alex to keep track of his clients, and he felt incapable of scaling his online coaching business. In addition, Alex was also eager to create and sell ebooks to his massive Instagram following, but he didn’t have a place to sell the ebooks.


The Solution

Alex uses Zenfit to keep track of all his online clients, having them check-in every Sunday – reviewing their progress and giving them feedback as they submit. Also, he has set up automatic subscription for all of his online clients, so he doesn’t have to worry about collecting money from them every month. Zenfit also created a super simple website for him, which he uses to collect contact information of people who are interested in his online coaching, as well as sell his eBooks from. Check it out here.

The Result

Zenfit has helped Alex streamline his entire coaching business. Alex is able to handle loads more online clients while still keeping the personal touch to each of them. In addition, he has already started writing his next eBook, and aiming to sell even more copies than last time. Lastly, Alex is collecting more qualified leads than ever after the introduction of his website.