Gabe Perera had always been skeptical of software platforms supposed to streamline managing his clients. Gabe always thought that there was no way that it was customizable to the amount of detail that Gabe would personally want for his clients. Gabe was blown away when he tried Zenfit: “Everything down to the nitty-gritty granular detail of the workouts to the diets is completely customizable”.

The Challenge

Before Zenfit, Gabe was managing his clients in spreadsheets and creating their workout and diet plans in Word. He had to manually collect his clients’ payment every month, and keep track of whom had paid etc. It was difficult to keep track of his clients, and he felt incapable of scaling his online coaching business this way.

The Solution

Gabe gave Zenfit a shot, and was instantly blown away by the flexibility of the software. He was able to completely customize his clients’ workout and meal plans, which he previously thought was impossible with online software trainer platforms. In addition, he got the 360 degree overview of his clients, which he had been missing in the past.

The Result

Gabe is now ready to scale his online coaching business. Within the first month of using Zenfit, he has already onboarded 28 online clients with automatic payment, so he doesn’t have to worry about collecting their payments every month. Gabe’s last words: “Check out the software if you are an online trainer or online coaching, looking to bring your service to the next level for your clients. I highly recommend it, you will not be disappointed.”