Justin Howells (@justinjfit) has been with Zenfit for more than a year, starting back in April 2018 with 15-20 clients he was managing in spreadsheets and email. Prior to Zenfit it was difficult for Justin to manage his clients while growing his Instagram following at the same time. Justin now has +80 online clients, and his goal is to hit 150 clients.

The Challenge

Justin was managing his online clients through a combination of spreadsheets, PDFs and emails, and found it hard to stay on top of each client. He was losing track of simple administrative things like when they had last updated their training programs and whether the clients had done their weekly check-ins.

The Solution

Zenfit allowed Justin to get the 360 degree overview of his clients that he was missing all along. Now he was able to see exactly when he had last updated their workout and meal plans, and make sure his clients were reminded of their weekly check-ins every Saturday. Zenfit also provided him with a simple website to collect contact information from potential clients:



The Result

Zenfit enabled Justin to handle loads more clients while still keeping the individualized approach to each and every one of them. In his own words:

“I went from struggling to handle 15-20 clients through emails, PDFs and Exceel-sheets to handling upwards of 80 clients and knowing I can handle probably around a 100 to even 150 clients while maintaining that individualized approach and staying personal with each and every one.”

As of today Justin has taken his business to even greater heights. While keeping his impressive client base stable, he has managed to grow his Instagram following to 200k followers.