Saba was new in the game. She hadn’t been a trainer more than a couple of months before discovering Zenfit.


The Challenge

As many other trainers, Saba was managing her clients in spreadsheets, and created their workout & meal plans in Word. Collecting payments was a mess: it was frustrating and difficult for her to keep track of whom had paid, when, and how much. Saba also wanted to move more into online coaching, because at the time she had so many personal training clients (about 22 hours of PT work every week) that her calendar was completely stuffed up.


The Solution

Zenfit enabled Saba to setup automatic monthly payments for her clients, so she didn’t have to worry about collecting her payments every month. Also, she was able to create her workout plans and meal plans in digital format, and quickly assign them to new clients.


The Result

All this enabled Saba to go from 6 to 24 clients in a matter of months. She even raised her prices in the period, without affecting the number of clients signing up with her. Zenfit helped her streamline her business, so she can now handle more clients than ever. She has cut down on the number of personal training clients she takes in, and instead puts her efforts in creating content for her Instagram profile, and getting online clients through that channel.