If you want to stand out as a coach, you can make a personalized cover photo to your client’s meal plans and ask your clients to download the meal plans and hang them on their fridge.

This way when their friends visit, your logo, and amazing meal plans will hang there in eye height! This is a great way to spread some free marketing of you and your brand!

You won’t believe the power of word of mouth! This is what drove large chunk of our best trainers to the Zenfit software, and can be a lead driver to give you ambitious new clients to work with.

Word of mouth gain you trust instantly because the person who contacted you already heard something positively about your brand before contacting you.

This design guide is for Mac users only, but if you want to create your own photo, just use a free software online and make the dimensions h:1035 X w:730 in pixels.

This way you ensure the PDF looks stunning and will create that extra “WOW” effect for your clients!