Learn how persistence and hard work pays off! Evie moved from Norway to Denmark 8 years ago. No network, and no job.

She left the business and Gym she owned in Norway.

Now 8 years later she is a well-known face in the Danish and International competition scene with her many athletes.


Evie now has 3 coaches working with her: She administrates +150 clients and athletes, create their plans, and give feedback on their weekly check-ins while her coaches are working out with her clients. This way Evie is able to pick her kids up from school, and have her nights off while still growing her business.

Many coaches forget to treat their business like a real business. They think they need to work 24/7, give discounts and sacrifice their own happiness for their clients.

This is not completely the truth. You can create a scalable sustainable business, without sacrificing your own sleep for those 6am sessions, and staying in the gym until 8pm! You need your sleep, you need to generate a stable stream of money to reinvest in rent for the gym, paid marketing agency etc.

If you treat your business as a side hustle, chances are it will stay like one until you give up and find a regular full-time job.

If you want to do like Evie, and make a sustainable coaching business, you need to prioritize your time, so you have energy to create content, build a name in the competitive landscape and most importantly create some amazing client transformations, proving your worth as a great coach.

Way too many coaches want instant success.

They look at other coaches, see their fancy cars and their posts on social media. They think they can do the same within a few months.

Often when I talk to new trainers, they think they can reach 100 clients within 3 months (???) That is roughly 1 new client – PER DAY!

If it were that easy to get 100 clients, everybody would do it.

Stop comparing your business with other coaches. Instead let the success of others motivate you and be the main driver to create your own business. Be patient. Work smarter, not harder. Earn some money from day 1. Learn how to do video content. Hire a paid marketing expert and stop being so focused on quick success and discounts.

There are milions of overweight and obese people to help. Start build your personal brand, get client results, and I promise you, you too can build a great company as well.