I just wanted to tell you a short motivational story about this guy, Mathias Winther, that I helped for 3 months accelerating his trainer business. In just 5 weeks he generated 14,637$ from Bootcamps and Online coaching.

So if you want to learn how he did, just continue reading!

Mathias started from scratch, he had only had a few clients and only 50 followers on Instagram –  but he was tired of his business not taking off.

He signed up to my 10x Masterclass Accelerator course, and spend $2,000 getting my help from video courses and weekly webinars (something I actually offer for FREE now to all our Zenfit members because of Mathias’ success)

He didn’t make enough money to invest a whole lot of money in paid ads, so we agreed that he should focus on Bootcamps where he would workout with 10 clients at a time, and make them pay upfront to commit to three months at $500. This meant that Mathias would earn $5,000 for just ONE full class.

You have to remember, selling in-person services is for many people something they are willing to spend more money on, thus you need fewer people to generate a good chunk of cash!

So Mathias pre-sold 2 bootcamps with-in these 5 weeks!

This in itself is AMAZING! However, Mathias was also able to invest more in paid advertisement, with the money he made from the bootcamps, so he could afford getting in some online clients.

Mathias Winther, Online coach and trainer

This is a typical example of how I would suggest most trainers approach their trainer business.

Frontload your cashflow with upfront payments from high ticket clients (1-on-1 PT clients and bootcamp clients) so you afford all the expensive stuff all businesses requires:

  • Paid advertisement agency
  • A high-converting website
  • Software to handle your customers

With the Zenfit software you’re actually able to access all of this…

We have our own in-house marketing experts to control and optimize your paid ads, we have web developers to create beautiful trainer websites and we have a state-of-the-art software to handle all aspects of your business.

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