Now you can show your coach what you eat in a day by tracking your calories with the MyFitnessPal©

MyFitnessPal© is available on PC, iPhone and Android phones.

This enables you to easily input what you eat each day, and get feedback from your coach.

Locate your Private MyFitnessPal link:

Watch the video above, or follow this guide.

  1. Create a MyFitnessPal account (
  2. Go to Settings / Diary Settings and scroll down to ‘Diary sharing’
  3. Choose Public and click ‘Save’
  4. Go to Diary Settings again, scroll down to ‘Diary sharing’ and locate your public link (Your link will look something like: )

Integrate your MyFitnessPal link with Zenfit:

  1. Head to
  2. Input your public MyFitnessPal link in the MyFitnessPal input field.

You’re set!