Saba was new in the game. She hadn’t been a trainer more than a few months before discovering Zenfit. As many other trainers, she managed her clients in spreadsheets, and created their workout & meal plans in Word. Collecting payments was a mess: it was frustrating and difficult for her to keep track of whom had paid when, and how much. It wasn’t a long-term solution and close to impossible to handle more clients like this. But then she stumbled onto Zenfit.

Three months using Zenfit and now she has the complete overview of her clients, that she was missing in the first place.  She can create workout & meal plans for her clients, review their body progress and communicate with them straight through Zenfit. She has set up automatic monthly billing for her clients, so she doesn’t have to worry about collecting their payments every month.

In her own words, she can now focus on doing ”what she is good at”, which is helping her clients reach their goals. Zenfit has really helped her streamline her business, so now she can handle more clients than ever. In her own words: “I am already beyond financially stable” – and she has only been a PT for 9 months.



Let’s look at some numbers.
When Saba first started using Zenfit she had 6 clients, and now she has 24 clients, of whom 13 are setup with automatic monthly billing. That’s an 300% increase in the number of clients! She even raised her prices during this period, without affecting the number of clients who signed up with her. Saba sells both online programs and personal training. Her online programs cost roughly $150 per month for a duration of three months, and her personal training services run continuously ranging from around $400 per month to $1050 per month – depending on the number of training sessions per week. The difference between online programs and personal training, apart from their differences in price, is whether Saba is in the gym with the client or not. No doubt that she earns more doing personal training as opposed to selling online programs, however one might argue that selling online training is more scalable, as she is not trading her time for money. This is a whole other topic for itself, and will be dealt with in another post.

But getting more online clients is something Saba is working towards. She would really love to have more clients on online programs, because she currently has so many PT clients, about 22 hours of personal training every week, that her calendar is completely stuffed up. She mentions how she has had to establish a “queue for evening workouts”. Having online clients is one way for Saba to grow her business even more, without spending more time in the gym.

Saba’s boost in Online Clients after Zenfit

So… How did she acquire all these clients? Drumroll…
Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, in other words: social media.

She is very active on Snapchat and Instagram – every day there are more than 300 people that watch her stories, and she gets quite a few leads through those channels.

The majority of her clients are acquired through Facebook though. Since Saba started with Zenfit, she has been super busy creating Facebook campaigns in order to generate relevant traffic to her website. These Facebook campaigns work really well for Saba, as she can generate a lead for about $15 (a lead is defined as one, who has put in their contact details), and she converts roughly 10% of her leads into paying clients. That means she is spending $150 ($15/10%) for a paying client through Facebook. As stated before, a PT client is paying an average of $350 per month, and the duration of their program is usually three months. That means a client is “worth” $1050 (3*$350) to Saba. And she is paying $150 for them.

That’s clearly good business.

Saba’s revenue after Zenfit


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Clients: “Zenfit is awesome!”

Saba’s clients are also super excited about the Zenfit app. Saba’s clients get their own Zenfit App, branded with Saba’s logo and identity, where they can view the workout and meal plans that she creates for them. The clients are in love with the Zenfit app, because it enables them to view video explanation of every exercise and they keep track of their body progress, as well as communicate with Saba through the chat. Saba feels she is able to provide better customer experience for her clients. That has made her clients stick around for a longer time with her.

Saba also shoots a lot of her own exercise video, and then adds them to Zenfit. She does this because she wants to brand herself to her clients, and not just some random dude curling. A lot of this work, she does from her iPhone, where she also makes changes to her clients’ workout plans on the go and/or in the gym.

That rounds off our case study of one of our favourite trainers, Saba Hamid. We are excited to have you onboard, Saba, and we are looking forward to continue taking your PT business to new heights.

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