Alexander Breck wanted to turn his large amount of Instagram followers into online clients and monetize on his impressive SoMe success. Check out how Zenfit helps him reach his goals!

Alexander Breck (@alexanderbreck) is one of the recent fitness influencers joining us here at Zenfit. When we first got in touch with Alex he had about 60k followers on Instagram, and he wanted to get into online coaching. One month has passed after he joined Zenfit, and since then he has gotten 23 online clients, made $2700 in sales and grown his Instagram to north of 125.000 followers – all this while studying for his finals at University of Ohio! 

This post will solely focus on Alex’s online coaching. He also sells custom workout and meal plans. These plans are purchased as a one-time payment, and not a recurring payment. Click here to read why online coaching is the way to build a sustainable fitness business. 


Preparing for $10K/month

Alex’s goal is to reach $10.000 / month in recurring revenue from clients, so the first thing we did was to make a plan with him to reach his goals.

He currently charges about $80 / month for his online coaching, which means he needs 125 clients to sustain a $10.000 / month business.

The first step was to create a high-converting website for Alex (, where he can sell his online coaching. The purpose of Alex’s site is to convert as many prospects as possible into paying clients. It is always a great idea to be clear about what you want your visitors to do on your site – when you know the end-goal, it makes it much easier to optimize for. So what we did was to split the visitor’s journey into three steps:


Step 1. Choose a package

Step 2. Answer Alex’s questionnaire

Step 3. Checkout


Visitors have the option between three of his online coaching packages: 3 months commitment, 6 months commitment or no commitment at all. Obviously, the longer clients are willing to commit, the cheaper it is per month. After choosing a package, visitors are prompted to answer an in-depth questionnaire about themselves, which includes general information, as well as workout & meal preferences. Upon submission of the questionnaire, the visitor is redirected to the checkout page. Having visitors fill out the questionnaire before being prompted for payment, gives people a sense of commitment, that makes them more prone to completing the purchase.


As of today, he got 33 people to fill out his online coaching questionnaire.

Of those 33 people:

  • 17 successfully completed the purchase
  • 16 did not end up buying (they ‘bounced’ as we call it)

That is a conversion rate of roughly 52%!

That’s very impressive.


Alex’s procedure after he makes a sale

All clients who successfully buy his online coaching will be listed into Alex’s Zenfit dashboard, where he can start putting together their plans on the basis of the answers from the questionnaire. Zenfit contains more than 100 recipes, and the system can automatically generate a custom meal plan tailored to the client’s needs. If the client has also ordered a workout plan, Alex can also do that from Zenfit. Zenfit has more than 800 exercises to choose from, and they all come with videos.

The ‘bounced’ leads (clients that filled out his questionnaire, but did not fulfill the payment) are also listed in Zenfit and he is able to reach out to them with a discount, nudging them to complete the purchase. 3 of the 17 clients who bought Alex’s online coaching through his site, was using this discount.


Going forward

Alex’s first month using Zenfit has been impressive – he has really got his online coaching business up and running. We are determined to help him reach his goal of $10.000 / month in revenue, and continuously help him streamline his online coaching business even more, so he can put all of his efforts into growing his Instagram channel towards the 200k mark, and keep acquiring more online clients.  

We are happy to have you onboard Alex!
Check out the video below to hear Alex’s kind words about Zenfit.


Interested in online coaching? Schedule a call with us at Zenfit, if you wanna do like Alex and turn your followers into online clients. Let us help you reach your goals!