Today’s blog post is about online coach and fitness influencer Justin Howells aka. @JustinJfit. With 150k followers on Instagram, Justin quickly became one of our best-selling coaches. He started using Zenfit during spring 2018 and prior to that it was difficult for Justin to grow his instagram following while managing only 15-20 clients. Justins newest goal is to reach 150 clients.

Justin’s practice prior to Zenfit

In spring 2018 Justin had around 55k Instagram followers and about 15-20 online clients. His clients were handled through a combination of spreadsheets, PDFs and emails, but he found it hard to stay on top of each client this way. Justin was losing track of simple administrative things like when he had last updated his clients’ training programs and whether his clients had done their weekly check-ins.

Many small streams make a big river and Justin’s patchwork of tools, his own training, 20 clients and a huge number of Instagram followers hungry for his content, had brought him to his knees. His practice needed adjustment.

Justin’s transformation

Fast forward 2-3 months to July 2018; Justin had switched to Zenfit and was experiencing an amazing growth in clients. He was now managing a staggering 80 online clients and this transformation was not at the expense of his individualized approach to his clients. In his own words:

“I went from struggling to handle 15-20 clients through emails, PDFs, and Excel-sheets to handling upwards of 80 clients and knowing I can handle probably around a 100 to even 150 clients while maintaining that that individualized approach and staying personal with each and every one.”



As of today Justin has taken his business to even greater heights. While keeping his impressive client base stable he has managed to explode his Instagram since then. Since spring 2018 Justin has gone from 55k followers to over 150k followers on Instagram! Talk about amazing growth.

How did Justin succeed?

One thing is just hearing this fairytale of an intro, another thing is to actually explain how Justin was able to grow his business.

Persistency: An overnight success often takes years!
Sometimes we sign up new trainers with 10’s or even 100’s of thousands followers, that are hungry to grow their business with new clients.
The day they launch their online coaching services they are super excited, only to see they get frustrated when they only acquire 2-3 new clients their first week.

Remember your followers might follow you, because you are interesting on Instagram or YouTube – that will give you a lot of views and likes. But convincing people to take up their credit card and pay for YOUR services takes time. 

With Justin it actually went extremely fast growing his business, because he already had enough people who wanted to buy his services, but growing it even further took many months of figuring out what to improve to close more leads.

If you have a big following, but never offered a service before, expect more time before people will be interested in your services, however, it will come – we know.


Top-of-mind: People have to think of YOUR BRAND, when they think online coaching!
Not to say you should post “sign up to my online coaching programme” every hour. But a good rule of thumb is to post 60% information, 30% entertainment and 10% sales. Most of our trainers we have worked with have nailed being top-of-mind by their followers by sharing lots of information and entertainment. But learning how to be good at selling, is a brand new ball game, which is sometimes a struggle for trainers to execute.


Learn how to sell: Most trainers don’t expect that sales is such a big deal in getting success!
Unless you have nailed it in gaining trust in your followers, selling to clients is a big deal. Don’t get me wrong, some coaches are able to just send a DM and sign up clients at an impressive conversion rate, but the truth is, most trainers lose a lot of warm leads because they suck at selling.

We have also been trying to help out Justin convert more leads.

In Zenfit we have a Lead list page, where you can see the deal stage of your clients:
“New” leads – Leads that’s not contacted yet, but just send you a message interested in your services.
“In dialog” leads – Leads you have spoken to, but not converted yet.
“Lost” leads – Leads that weren’t interested anyways.
“Won” leads – Leads that purchased.

This way Justin can always see how many leads he wins, compared to how many leads he gets in.
In our experience, conversion rates differ quite a bit, but trainers who nail their sales pitch on their stories and when answering back their leads tend to have a much higher conversion rate. And a much easier sales process.

So to say it short, if your followers have enough trust in your brand, the sales process will be much easier.

Subscription business: Don’t focus on short commitments.
Most trainers love the idea of selling cheap 12 week programmes with no communication or check-ins with their clients. This is something we have stressed the importance of avoiding with Justin.

Why only make $40 on clients, when they actually get better results by subscribing to a 3- or even 6 month online coaching program. This way you would also make 10x more money, and your client will likely be insanely happy reaching their fitness goals, that you will get in new clients just from word of mouth!

Also, it takes far less online clients to make a 6 figure business from subscriptions than on single sales. So I can’t really stress the importance of subscription.


High-converting website: Don’t lose customers, because of a confusing website!
When we onboard new trainers, we also build their websites. That way, we also help trainers collect more leads and convert more of these leads into paying clients. 

We built Justin a simple, yet high-converting website. The website is synced with his Zenfit profile so all his leads go directly to his sales CRM, and Justin can sell his best-selling ebooks, and online coaching services directly from his website in order to grow business even more.

Want to check out Justin’s website? Then just click the link here: The site is of course also mobile-friendly 🙂 

What’s next?

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